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NOTE:  BLUEWATER FERRY service between SOMBRA, Ontario and MARINE CITY, Michigan is CLOSED!  Cyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicles can cross into the USA via The Walpole Island Ferry.  The ferry is at Location:  1662 River Road, Wallaceburg N8A 4K9 or the Bluewater Bridges in Sarnia.

Winter Trail Closure: Under Township By-Law 45, the Trial is closed annually from November 30th to the following April 15th during which time no maintenance will be provided.

2019 Trail Maintenance

  • The section of trail north of Victoria Street in Mooretown was replaced
  • 170 m of river bank repair was done just north of Bickford Line
  • New pavement with paved shoulders on both sides of the St. Clair Parkway from White Line to Bentpath Line

2018 Trail Maintenance: A new 1.7 km layer of asphalt was laid to the trail from Stanley Line toward Bickford Line as well as 1.3 km of paved shoulder during a road reconstruction project between Smith Line and Holt Line. In addition, a section of collapsed riverside trail south of Oil Springs Line was relocated to a paved shoulder of the road. Other trail maintenance includes periodic condition inspection, sweeping, cold patching and weed removal.

Trail Extension: The trail was expanded inland along Emily Street in Mooretown to provide cyclists and pedestrians with a safe route to the Moore Campground, Sports Complex and Municipal Office.

Park Bench Refresh: Modern, locally made, river-blue aluminum benches continue to replace the old wooden/cement benches helping to beautify our series of riverside parks.


Trail Promotion: Several efforts continue to attract new attract new users including:

  • Development of a professionally produced drone-assisted video on our website and Facebook page
  • Encouraging local businesses to apply for ‘Bike-Friendly’ designation from Ontario By Bike
  • Continued support of charitable events taking place on the Trail
  • Partnering with Tourism Sarnia Lambton to promote the Trail across Ontario and beyond
  • Continuing to improve our website and encouraging residents to submit photographs
  • Continuing to improve our Facebook page to improve communication among trail users
  • Developing partnerships with other local organizations to promote our riverside parks

NOTE – -include trail maintenance of 2017 if still available

December 2018

The St.Clair River Trail Committee is happy to accept a generous donation from Enbridge that will go toward the Trail Bench Project! Thank you again!

2018 Trail Updates:

St. Clair River Trail Winter Closure – The trail will be closed annually from November 30 to April 15. No winter maintenance will be completed during this period under By-Law 45 of 2018.

October – Stanley Line north towards Bickford Line: Repairs and a new layer of asphalt to 1,700 meters of trail. This is a unique portion of off-road trail enjoyed by both cyclists and walkers.

July – Smith Line and Holt Line:  1,300 meters of trail (East side paved shoulder) was re-asphalted during a road reconstruction project. This provides cyclists with both an off-road and on-road option.

May – South of Oil Springs Line:  Re-locate area of collapsed trail to the shoulder of the road

May – South of Oil Springs Line: Re-asphalt section of gravel surface

Other upgrades include trail sweeping (2-3 times),  condition inspection and rating, cold patching, weed removal, etc.

2018 Park Bench Refresh

Modern, locally made, river-blue aluminum benches are replacing the wooden/cement benches have reached their lifespan.  The upgraded benches look beautiful in the parks.

2018 – Trail Promotion

  • Continue encouraging local businesses to apply for ‘Bicycle-Friendly’ Designation from Ontario By Bike
  • Continue to support charitable events taking place on the St. Clair River Trail
  • Partner with Tourism Sarnia Lambton to promote the trail across Ontario and beyond
  • Continue to improve website and encourage residents to add photographs
  • Develop a Facebook page to improve communication between trail users
  • Develop partnerships with organizations to enhance the ribbon of parks along the St. Clair Parkway

2017 – Here we grow again!

Mooretown:  The trail now extends inland on Emily Street.  Cyclists and walkers enjoy using this trail extension to safely make their way to the Moore Campground, Museum, Sports Complex, and Municipal Office.

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