BLUEWATER FERRY service between SOMBRA, Ontario and MARINE CITY, Michigan is CLOSED!  Cyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicles can cross into the USA via The Walpole Island Ferry.  The ferry is at Location:  1662 River Road, Wallaceburg N8A 4K9

2018 – Road Construction underway

There St. Clair Parkway is under construction during the month of July from south of Sombra to French Line.  Once completed, the road will include paved shoulders providing cyclists with both an off-road and on-road option.

2017 – Here we grow again!

Mooretown:  The trail now extends inland on Emily Street.  Cyclists and walkers enjoy using the newest trail extension to safely make their way to the Moore Campground, Museum, Sports Complex, and Municipal Office.

2017-2018 Park Bench Refresh

After nearly 20 years in use, the wooden/cement benches have reached their lifespan and are looking ‘tired’.  They are being replaced with modern, locally made, river-blue aluminum benches.  Committee members are in the process of notifying bench donors of the refresh.

2018 – Action Plan / Maintenance Schedule

  • An annual condition monitoring program will see the entire trail inspected by Township staff. Results will be used to plan and organize required maintenance.
  • Sweep the off-road sections of the trail in April and October. On road sections will be swept by Township equipment and staff.
  • Re-asphalt approximately 1 km per year based on the results of the condition monitoring.
  • Re-locate area of collapsed trail to the shoulder of the road (south of Oil Springs Line)
  • Re-asphalt section of gravel surface (south of Oil Springs Line)

2018 – Trail Promotion

  • Continue encouraging local businesses to apply for ‘Bicycle-Friendly’ Designation from Ontario By Bike
  • Continue to support charitable events taking place on the St. Clair River Trail
  • Continue to improve website and encourage residents to add photographs
  • Develop a plan to promote the St. Clair River Trail